What will make you shocked by our servers?


Strong and reliable server hardware

We provide state of the art server hardware that you can depend on with unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth as well as panel software such as cPanel and the Pterodactyl Panel to easily manage your game server or web server with little hassle anywhere at anytime.


Fast and secure network speeds

We offer 1GBps connections and 20GBps DDoS protection free of charge as threats can occur from anywhere and downtime is a luxury we cannot afford to have our customers suffer from.


Manage your servers easily on the go

With secure and seamless access to our web-based panels, access your servers where ever you are on any device to provide an update to one of your websites on the fly or restart your Minecraft server in seconds while on a city bus.


Receive 24/7 support

Our support representatives aim to help clients as soon as possible with any issue they may be facing large or small. Simply submit a support ticket or event contact one of our representatives through our live chat! You can't go wrong with our 12-hour guarantee!

What our clients are saying

Vouch, support was great, dedicated server was fast. I did several tests related to speed and IO. The server meet my expectations. Kuddos to the owner for letting me test his services!

- Jay | MC-Market

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